At OWJ Nova, we steadfastly acknowledge that upholding exceptional standards in health, safety, and environmental protection is paramount for the sustained advancement of our organization and the well-being of our people.

Our unwavering commitment is to establish and maintain a secure and healthy workplace for all employees, thereby averting incidents, accidents, injuries, and ill health among employees, contractors, and pertinent stakeholders. Concurrently, we aspire to implement measures that safeguard the environment and prevent any form of environmental degradation.

The senior management of our company duly recognizes the pivotal role of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) considerations in attaining and perpetuating excellence in our operations. Through collective effort, we pledge to continually enhance our HSE Management System by:

  1. Integrating HSE considerations into the core of business decisions and operations.

  2. Incorporating preventive measures within our business processes and practices.

  3. Cultivating awareness among employees, contractors, business partners, and other stakeholders to foster a positive HSE culture throughout the organization.

  4. Striving relentlessly towards achieving zero harm and zero lost time injuries by instilling accountability and an HSE mindset at every level of the organization.

  5. Providing comprehensive information and training, including emergency and crisis management, to employees, contractors, and stakeholders to ensure strict compliance with HSE requirements at all job sites.

  6. Endeavoring to minimize our environmental impact through waste reduction, conservation of natural resources, and promoting conservation and recycling practices.

  7. Maintaining optimal conditions of equipment, offices, and job sites through judicious utilization of resources to minimize or eliminate occupational health, safety, and environmental risks.

  8. Establishing effective planning and monitoring systems to periodically evaluate the organization’s health and safety performance, identify potential errors, and promptly initiate corrective actions.

In adherence to these principles, communication, consultation, participation, and collaboration among all employees and stakeholders will be upheld. Compliance with this policy is the collective responsibility of every employee in the company.

Employees are required to support the implementation of this policy by utilizing provided safety equipment, familiarizing themselves with the organization’s safety rules and procedures, and taking appropriate corrective measures if violations are observed at job sites.

This HSE Policy will be implemented in strict accordance with applicable statutory requirements, safety and health regulations, and the standards/codes of practice set forth by our customers. Regular reviews, conducted every two years, will ensure its continual relevance and effectiveness. The policy will be prominently displayed on office premises, and access to the detailed HSE manual will be readily available for reference by any employee.